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Private BJJ Training Session with Professor Larry Deeder

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Professor Larry K. Deeder

I started training Jiu Jitsu in 2010, and started teaching youth classes as a blue belt a few years later.  When I reached the purple belt level, I started assisting the adult fundamentals classes and eventually ran all fundamentals classes.  Once I reached the brown belt level, I started assisting and running the advanced adult classes. Some of my favorite techniques include Worm Guard, Gubber Guard, Lasso Guard, Half Guard, deep Half Guard, pressure passing, various Open Guards, and leg work. Over the years I have developed my own “BJJ Road Map.” This is a structured and documented plan to improve your Jiu Jitsu.  During the lesson, we will work together to document and draft a plan that works for you, and then we will implement.  When done, you will have you own “BJJ Road Map” that you can use to guide you in the future.

Competition Results

  • 2x IBJJF World Master (Bronze)
  • 1x IBJJF PANs (Gold)
  • 1x IBJJF PANs (Silver)
  • 1x IBJJF PANs (Bronze)
  • 1x IBJJF American Nationals (Gold)
  • 1x IBJJF American Nationals (Gold - Absolute)
  • 1x IBJJF Las Vegas Open (Gold)
  • 1x IBJJF Las Vegas Open (Bronze - Absolute)
  • 1x NABJJF All Americas (Gold)
  • 1x GB CompNet (Gold)
  • 1x AZBJJF Southwest Classic (Silver)


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